International Higher Ed. Week – Russia.

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IUNC Eurasia 2015 

Moscow, Russia, May 5-8, 2015

Eastern European University Association (EEUA) is proud to invite you to attend IV Annual International Universities Networking Conference – IV Annual IUNC Eurasia 2015  in Moscow, Russia (May 5-8, 2015).

IUNC Eurasia 2015   will highlight cutting-edge tendencies in the sphere of higher education in Eurasia and will bring together more than 200 universities from across the globe. The IUNC Eurasia 2015 aims to broaden relations between institutions from different countries and create world-wide peer-level interaction network. The special focus of the event is collaboration with universities of Eurasia.

The conference will also provide higher education professionals with an opportunity to present and discuss their interests in friendly and engaging environment. This event will be interesting to those universities that want to establish cooperation in the field of student or faculty exchange, joint grant applications, dual degrees etc.


The key feature of  IUNC Eurasia 2015  is that apart from the regular sessions and roundtables, the conference program includes 30 minutes one-to-one business appointments, giving your institution one-of-a-kind opportunity to directly reach your potential partners and significantly enlarge your professional network.

IUNC Eurasia 2015  allows you to meet up to 200 universities under one roof and conduct up to 40 prescheduled one-to-one appointments with the universities of your interest. Marcom e-scheduling system allows you to schedule business appointments online prior to the conference.

Anna Bazhenova
Regional Manager (North America, Europe)
Eastern  European  University Association   Skype:
Presnenskaya nab. 10, Moscow, Russia​

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